Healthy weight support

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We offer you the following support in the community 


Healthy Weight Adults Programme

This is our FREE 10-week weight management programme for people who are aged 18 years and over and above a healthy weight.

If you are at risk of, or are already living with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other weight related issues, this programme is particularly suitable for you.

Programme Content

Over the 10 weeks you will learn about:

  • eating a balanced and healthy diet and suitable portion sizes
  • how to read food labels to make healthier choices
  • recommended amounts of fat, salt and sugar and tips on reducing high fat, salt and sugar foods
  • ways to get more active and why it is important for your healty
  • ways to manage things that trigger unhealthy eating and how to overcome barriers to healthy eating
  • and you will have the opportunity to take part in gentle exercises, adapted to suit you and your needs

Please note:

It is important that any pre-existing medical conditions are stable, so we ask that you get GP clearance to take part in any exercise, which will be pre-planned and appropriate for your needs

How to take part in the Healthy Weight Adults programme 

Simply register your interest by filling out our online enquiry form, or for further information on dates/locations of up and coming programmes head over to our what's on page to find a location near you.

Weekly Weigh-ins

If you are new to Healthy Cornwall, drop in and see us to find out what we do and how to get started! If you've finished a Healthy Weight Adults programme and need a bit of extra support and motivation then come along to our weekly weigh in! You will be able to weigh in, chat though any concerns, refresh any topics you may be struggling with and find out about any new programmes we might be running in your area.
To find out your nearest weekly weigh-in go to our what's on page

Most are drop-in - no need to book, simply turn up.  Please note that Hayle and St Just are by appointment only for people registered with the Health Centre.

Healthy Eating Session

This is an education session covering the basic key messages of a healthy balanced diet.

Over the 2 hours we will cover:

  • The Eatwell Guide
  • Appropriate serving sizes
  • How to read food labels
  • How to reduce fat/salt and sugar in your diet
  • Set a small healthy eating goal for the future
  • There will be an opportunity to weigh in at the session if you choose to with the addition of ongoing support through the Weekly Weigh Ins thereafter.