Help to stay well during the coronavirus


Here you will find tips and information about

image of getting a jabFlu jab
image of hand washingHand washing
image of cornonavirusCoronavirus rules and support
    image of two people with thumbs up next to covid vaccine bottle Covid 19 jab
image of brushing teethLooking after your teeth


Flu jab

image of getting a jabWatch Steve from the CHAMPs Team explain that getting the flu jab is safe and quick. Don't delay in getting yours now. 


Listen to the CHAMPs sing their flu jab song.

image of easy read logoEasy Read leaflet from NHS England about getting the flu jab.


Hand washing


image of hand washingRemember to wash your hands often with warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Watch Ebony from the CHAMPs Team explain. 

Coronavirus rules and support


  image of woman with thumbs upA big thank you to Cornwall People First for their easy read guidance on the coronavirus.


image of the roadmap for coming out of lockdown       The 4 step plan 

 Step 1 March 29th 

Step 2 April 12th 


limage showing contact tracer calling a personWhat to do if you receive a call, text or email from NHS Test and Trace

This guidance is currently being updated due to the change from isolating for 14 days to 10 days. 


    image of a woman staying at home   Support if you need to self-isolate


image of calendar showing staying at homeRules about staying at home/self-isolating

     image of shielding   About shielding


image of washing hands image of woman wearing mask image of social distancingHands, face and space

Watch the CHAMPs explain about Hands, Face, Space


image of swabbing mouthAbout test and trace


Rules about wearing face coverings


image of red cross  image of person wearing face maskRules for some people who do not need to wear face coverings


image of person wearing face coveringimage of person holding a cardExemption cards

This is a card which you can show people to tell them that you do not need to wear a face covering due to your disability or health condition. You can also use it to ask people to remove their face covering if you do not understand what they are saying. 


Image about support bubble What is a support bubble? 


What is PPE?  


image of man on holidayimage of people with coronavirus symptomsWhat to do if you fall ill whilst visiting

image of man on holidayTourist charter                             

image of coronavirus posters We like the resources made by Photosymbols, which are free to download here. 


How to feel better


image of man feeling cold  How to feel well this winter

a lady looking scared with her hands up to her mouthI'm feeling anxious about the coronavirus


Listen to Steve show you fun ways to keep yourself busy at home. 

  Image of the 5 ways to wellbeing    How to feel better Coronavirus and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

image of man giving another man adviceHelp and support  Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing


image of man smiling in front of healthy food Looking after your feelings and your body

Please note that since this was published you can go out more than once a day. 


Image of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Each of these videos shows the 5 ways to wellbeing or to feel better


Image of wellbeing connect



 image of wellbeing active



image of wellbeing notice


image of wellbeing learn



image of wellbeing give



Covid 19 jab


image of two people with their thumbs up next to a bottle of Covid 19 vaccineAll people with a learning disability will now be invited by their GP to have their Covid vaccine.

    image of the LD registerTo be invited you need to be on the learning disability register.

If you are not on the register click here to find out how to join it.

image of information sign

About the vaccine in Cornwall

About the Covid vaccine

Asking for extra support when having the vaccine

Looking after your teeth


image of brushing teethIt is important to look after your teeth and gums. Brush them in the morning and before you go to bed at night.


image of fizzy drinkimage of sweetsTry not to eat sugary drinks and sugary foods. This is because they damage your teeth.


  image of CHAMPs Team   Before the coronavirus the CHAMPs Team visited day centres and special schools in Cornwall.


  image of woman showing how to brush teeth They taught people how to look after their teeth. They sang their song Brush DJ.  

                           You can listen to it here.


What's on LD


image of information signJoin What's on LD to get a weekly newsletter sent via email about news, events and information.


image of emailTo join, email


image of websiteHere is an issue to view