Cornwall Healthy Schools Award: PSHE

Overarching Objective: Personal, Social and Health Education

To facilitate a whole school approach in the delivery of PSHE within the current guidance.

Criteria for PSHE Section

Successful coverage of this area must include information on the following sub-objectives:

  1. How you increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of school staff in PSHE
  2. How you raise the profile of PSHE activity across the school community
  3. The RSE Curriculum covers: families and people who care for me, caring relationships, respectful relationships including friendships, online relationships, being safe. (Secondary schools to include: intimate and sexual relationships including sexual health)
  4. The Health Education Curriculum covers: internet safety and harms, physical health and fitness, healthy eating, drugs alcohol and tobacco, health promotion, first aid, changing adolescent body
  5. How you use external agencies to the school to support this area
  6. How you consult with pupils and families to establish their thoughts and feelings about PSHE and how you act upon this

To complete the personal, social and health education section of your submission please head to the Register to become a Healthy School page, to access your Healthy Schools Award toolkit.

*Please note that all four themes need a completed review in order for a school to attain Healthy School Status*.

Characteristics of best practice: PSHE

You may use these characteristics to help guide your review and/or plan stages of the accreditation process.

If you need any further support around the Award process, contact us.