Your journey to a Cornwall Healthy Schools Award


Review, Plan, Implement

The Cornwall Healthy Schools framework provides a continuous process which involves reviewing, planning and implementing health and wellbeing provision across the school setting. You can gain a Cornwall Healthy Schools Award during this process if sufficient criteria are met and robust planning is evidenced to address minor gaps.


This is the starting point of working through the award framework, as you assess your current health and wellbeing provision. This allows you to identify what aspects of your provision are going well and also what aspects you would like to develop.

To begin the process of reviewing your school’s health and wellbeing provision, you will need to complete the online Healthy Schools Award Toolkit which you can access online once registering. When you register, ensure that you use your school’s name as it appears on your website. 

As you complete the Healthy Schools Award Toolkit, you should tell us:

  • What the needs are within your setting and how you know
  • What you have put in place to address those needs
  • How you have delivered this in your setting
  • What difference this work has made to the pupils / adults within your school

In each core theme there is an area to highlight how staff have been supported and also how you have consulted with pupils around the various topics.

For all criteria, evidence can be attached electronically. This must be clearly labelled and dated.

We would encourage you to submit this toolkit to us for assessment and feedback during the process, so that we can confirm that you are on track and offer guidance and support along the way.

Some schools have found an additional tool useful as a quick overview of each of our four Core Themes, the 'Where We Are Now Document' but you do not need to complete this form in order to achieve the award. 

Action Plan

As part of your submission, you are required to complete an Action Plan. This will address areas you have identified during your submission which require further work and explain how you plan to do this. As you write your Action Plan, it is helpful to consider the desired outcome of each goal, who in the school will be responsible for the goal and the proposed time frame.

The Cornwall Healthy Schools Award is valid for two years. Your Action Plan should cover this period. When you come to re-validate, we will reflect upon your Action Plan and expect to see how you have addressed the points which you had identified.

Best Practice

In order to help you complete your Healthy Schools Award Toolkit, we have added some excerpts from successful award submissions on our Examples of Best Practice page.

Read examples of best practice


During the two years that the Cornwall Healthy Schools Award is valid, we know you will continue the great health and wellbeing work you have been doing across the four core themes. In addition, we would expect you to be implementing the changes you highlighted in your Action Plan.