Learner Participation Award

Group of children sat looking towards teacher at group of desks

Learner participation (LP) is about children and young people having their voice heard when decisions are being made that affect their lives and being actively involved in the decision-making processes. This principle needs to be reflected in the culture and ethos of the whole school community and the systems that govern it.

The form that this participation takes, be it a school council, pupil parliament or focus area committees, does not matter. Participation can happen in many ways and the following award has been designed to allow for this variety of forms. What is important is that the structure is one that allows all children and young people to have their say and to be able to feed their ideas and opinions to a representative group who operate on behalf of all learners.

Whichever Learner Participation Forum (LPF) you choose to operate within your school or college, for the purpose of these criteria, it will be referred to as a LPF and the pupils involved in it as Representatives.

To access our Learner Participation Award toolkit first you need to register. Head to the Register to become a Healthy School page to get started.

Learner Participation Award Levels & Criteria

Award Levels:

Assessment is over 4 levels; bronze, silver, gold and platinum and covers 4 key themes; LP procedures, LP links within the school, LP links beyond the school, LP projects

A school can attain gold in its first year of registration so long as they have evidenced all criteria for bronze and silver, and Platinum can be achieved after gold has been held for a year.

Award Criteria

View and download the Learner Participation Award Criteria

Good Practice

View and download the Learner Participation Good Practice Guide


The award is given at the end of the academic year for the work of the outgoing forum. The schools registration will remain ‘live’ for the following academic year and the school can either apply for re-accreditation at the same level with supporting evidence of activities over the year or apply to progress to a higher level but providing supporting evidence.

The accreditation window is open from February half term to Friday 29 May 2020. Successful schools will be notified after this and the awards presented at our annual celebration awards ceremony in the Council Chambers at New County Hall. Schools submitting evidence after the closing date, during the remainder of the academic year, can still achieve accreditation, but unfortunately will not be able to attend the award ceremony.