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Healthy Cornwall


Checking Health Services

We work with the learning disability liaison teams in Cornwall to check that health services are accessible and are making reasonable adjustments. We have recently been funded by NHS England to pilot a national checking scheme.

In particular we check:

  • That it is easy to get around the buildings. We look at signage and check if people can get around even if they have difficulty walking or are wheelchair users. 
  • How staff talk to people with learning disabilities to make sure that they communicate in the best way for that person. We also check that they are respectful and helpful.
  • That staff know about key people who can help them to provide a good service for people with learning disabilities – like Primary Care and Acute Liaison Nurses. 
  • That staff understand the law which relates to learning disability and autism – like the Equality Act and Mental Capacity Act.
  • That all the ways of communicating with people are ‘easy to understand’. We might phone a service or ask them to send us information.
  • That services have ‘easy to understand’ information about important things like advocacy, and comment or complaints procedures.

  • That services are flexible wherever possible. For example, by letting people who find it hard to wait for appointments have different times, or somewhere to wait that is best for them.

  • Once services are checked we offer training to staff to support them to improve how people with learning disabilities and/ or autistic spectrum conditions experience their services.