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Healthy Cornwall

Exit questionnaire

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How long have you been volunteering with Health Promotion? 

What volunteer role(s) were you undertaking with Health Promotion? 
For which reason(s) are you leaving Health Promotion as a volunteer? (please mark all that apply) 
Other reason for leaving Health Promotion as a volunteer 
How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements regarding your experience volunteering with Health Promotion?
I met people and made friends through it 
I got satisfaction from seeing the resultst 
It gave me a sense of personal achievement 
It broadened my experience of life 
It gave me a chance to do things I'm good at 
I really enjoyed it 
It helped me to build confidence in myself 
It gave me the chance to learn new skills 
It gave me the chance to learn new skills 
Overall, how satisfied were you with the voluntary work that you were doing with Health Promotion? 
What were the best things about volunteering with Health Promotion? 
o you have any suggestions on how volunteering with Health Promotion could be improved i.e. support, training, management, communication, the role? 
What difference has being a Health Champion made to your life? i.e. are you now more active. Gained confidence etc. 
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