Your Questions answered...

What is Health Promotion?

The Health Promotion Service is a department within Cornwall Council. It supports and encourages health and wellbeing through their services, programmes and projects. More information about the projects can be found on this website.

What would I actually be doing as a Health Champion?

We have a range of opportunities available to you depending on your personal interests. Duties can range from general administration up to out in the community supporting sessions. Each Health Promotion project has a specific role description of opportunities and duties.This can be found on the main Health Champion tab.

Do I need any existing training?

Not at all. General life experience and any existing skills are more than enough.

Do I get any training?

Yes, here at Health Promotion there is some mandatory training that needs to be completed to enhance and support your volunteering experience. In addition we also have a Health Promotion in house training programme that you have access to.