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1) Suicide First Aid

Known as ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), this course is designed to provide Suicide First Aid skills to anyone who may come into contact with a person at risk. ASIST gives an introduction to the most widely used Suicide Intervention Model in the world, a model which is applicable in all situations requiring help.

ASIST is a 2 Day course. The course uses small and large groups, and requires active participation by the participants. Flexible teaching styles, simulation exercises, learning aids and audiovisual materials encourage a high level of participation. Two highly acclaimed award winning videos are used exclusively in the course. 

Much of the learning occurs in small work groups. This format encourages the development of participation, trust, acceptance and mutual support. It breaks down barriers, focuses attention and heightens learning. 

If you live or work in the county the ASIST training is for YOU.  Members of the public, any discipline of employment, unemployed, retired, young or old. 

Cost: £25 


2) Stress in the Workplace Training

This is a half day training workshop which is adapted specifically for you following a consultation to establish your needs and requirements. 

Key points will be:

  • Looking at the difference between work related stress and work related pressure
  • Identifying areas that could cause stress as well as areas that can reduce stress
  • What your organisation, your managers and you as individuals can do to both reduce and prevent stress from re-occurring
  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Self help and tools to assess your stress levels and how/where changes could be made
  • Where to go and how to access help 

This emphasis of this course lies heavily on an individuals ability to empower themselves and take control of their situation – whether at home or work. 

The Stress in the Workplace training will benefit employers, employee’s, voluntary groups and services. 


3. Mental Health Awareness & Understanding

Another half day course that can be adapted to your needs and requirements, this training workshop is designed to give participants the opportunity to look at how mental ill-health affects us as individuals and our society as a whole.  Specifically looking at mental health first aid and touching on suicide prevention. 

Key points will be:

  • Looking at the different elements and diagnosis of mental ill-health
  • What your organisation, your managers and you as individuals can do to support those in the workplace who may have mental ill-health
  • How you can recognise signs & symptoms
  • How you help someone with mental ill-health
  • Where to go and how to access help 

This course will be useful to anyone who works with, lives with or knows someone with mental ill-health and gives basic first aid to help someone who is in mental distress. 

For full details of the above courses (click here)

For all training enquiries and bookings, please contact  01209 615600 or email