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Healthy Cornwall

Quit Tips

Apart from stop smoking medication and the fantastic help and support from a Stop Smoking Advisor people who stop smoking use a wide variety of different strategies and coping mechanisms.

This includes anything that will help you deal with cravings and deal with the habit.

Things that have worked for people in the past include:

  • Taking up a new hobby eg painting, jigsaws - keeping busy and doing something with your hands is effective at staving off cravings.
  • Popping in a normal mint and having a sip of water, this is good for dealing with craving pangs.
  • Sniffing old cigarette butts which have been kept in a bottle is a great way of putting you off tobacco.

Quitting smoking is a very personal experience, however time and time again our advisors hear people saying that certain things have helped them to stop.

We have developed a few resources which includes these tips from real life quitters.

The "High risk situations card.pdf" is some useful advice for dealing with cravings throughout the day, whilst the "50 Tips.pdf" has been compiled from experiences of quitters who have used our service. The leaflet "30 Things to do instead of smoking.pdf" gives you some idea of what you can do to keep busy and focus on other things apart from smoking.