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Healthy Cornwall

Smoke Free Homes


Protect your family by keeping your home and car smoke free

Secondhand smoke harms everyone in your home, especially pregnant women, babies, children and young people; all of these are most sensitive to tobacco smoke

If people are going to smoke, they and any visitors to the house should smoke outside at all times and also not smoke in cars. Smoking in the home around children causes a vast number of health problems. Children exposed to secondhand smoke have less developed lungs, are at higher risk of developing asthma, are more likely to suffer from coughs, colds and ear infections, and have an increased risk of developing cancer later on. Children with smoking mothers are also twice as likely to die of cot death, are more likely to contract meningitis and to be born with a low birth weight.

By reducing or banning smoking in your home you will instantly improve the health of everyone. 

For more details about the Smoke Free Homes project contact Public Health on 01726 627819.