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Connect 5

Making Every Contact Count for Mental Well-being

Connect 5 is an incremental three-session programme, escalating skills though each session. The programme underpins the principle of ‘Making Every Contact Count’ and supports the aim of making the best use of the skills and local contacts of front-line staff.

The What of Connect 5

Bringing well-being into everyday practice for the whole public facing workforce.

The How of Connect 5

Empowering people to change though collaborative practice and evidenced based psychologically informed tools.

The Why of Connect 5

Understanding mental health and well-being as an everyday experience whom everyone has the skills to understand and change.

Some staff will just undertake session 1, some session 1 & 2 whilst others go on to do all three sessions.


Connect 5 - Stage 1


Session 1 - Brief Advice - 3.5 hours

Develop your core understanding of mental health, mental well-being and how to signpost to local services and resources that enable people to help themselves.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in improving mental well-being whose role involves interaction with the public or anyone who has the opportunity to give brief well-being advice.

Cost: Free




Connect 5 - Stage 2


Session 2 - Brief well-being Intervention - 1 day

Build your skills and confidence to work with and improve the mental health and well-being of others including how to support greater insight into experiences of stress and distress and how to help people take first steps to make themselves feel better.

Suitable for those with the opportunity, through their working practice, to engage in brief interventions.

Cost: Free


Connect 5 - Stage 3


Session 3 - Integrated well-being Intervention - 1 day

Advance your skills to work collaboratively with clients to create an action plan and integrate brief interventions to motivate and support people to make changes that last.

Suitable for those with the opportunity, through their working practice, to engage in brief interventions over an extended period of time.

Cost: Free