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Cornwall Healthy Schools

Learner Participation Training (School Council)

This workshop is for Cornwall school staff who are looking for ways organise Learner Participation in their school. The session is packed with ideas on how to move your learners and staff towards shared decision-making in a rights-respected school.

Summary of Learning Outcomes:

  • The role of Learner Participation in an effective school
  • Your schools participation journey
  • Organising Learner Participation
  • The new Learner Participation Award
  • Practical ideas and models

Times: 10:00-15:30

For any further information please contact


Resilience and Self Esteem Toolkit (ReSET)


This training is available as a twilight session for schools in Cornwall. There are opportunities to try some of the activities, explore the support materials and discuss ideas for whole school, class / tutor group or intervention work, either 1:1 or in groups.

Learning Objectives for training:

  • Raise awareness of Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Recognise the importance of a whole school approach to EHWB
  • Explore ideas for increasing emotional literacy
  • Consider a range of coping strategies
  • Explore ways of increasing positive self-esteem
  • Explore a range of tools and ideas to support this work 
  • Signpost to additional support materials and websites 

    Time: 2 hours

    Cost:  Free

    If you’d like this training delivered as an INSET or Twilight session for your school or MAT, or for any further information, contact your Healthy Schools Delivery Advisor or


Thinkuknow Introduction Course

Course Aims

This course is run by a CEOP trained Ambassador (i.e. a professional who has completed our Ambassador training course).

The Thinkuknow Introduction course covers:

  • Introduction to CEOP and Reporting
  • Children and Young People Online
  • Online Sexual Abuse
  • Nude Selfies: What Professionals Need to Know
  • The Thinkuknow Resources

 Who should attend?

This course is aimed at professionals who work directly with children and young people, including:

  • Teachers
  • Youth workers
  • Social workers
  • Police officers
  • Child Protection professionals

Delegate criteria and cost

The Thinkuknow Introduction course is free for all delegates to attend.

All delegates attending the Thinkuknow Training course must present photographic ID to the Ambassador running the training at Event Registration for verification purposes. Acceptable forms of photographic ID are a passport, driver’s licence or work ID.

Additionally, we ask delegates to provide a letter from their employer on headed paper, signed by a manager stating:

  • The delegate’s role and length of employment period/association with the organisation they are representing;
  • The relevance of the training to the delegate’s role;
  • How the delegate intends to apply the knowledge gained;
  • Confirmation that the organisation has undertaken necessary risk assessment that the delegate is suitable to work with children and young people.
  • This must be supplied at event registration when attending the Thinkuknow Introduction course.

As a law enforcement agency, CEOP insists that any convictions are disclosed directly to us prior to attending the event -

Law enforcement officers (i.e. NCA Officers, police officers and those employed by a police service) do not need to provide this letter. Please present your police work ID or Warrant Card at event registration.

For any further information please contact

Time: 13:00 - 16:00

Course dates

Whole School Approach to Good Mental Health

This course has been designed in response to requests for support from schools around promoting good mental health and wellbeing.  Our informative and interactive workshop aims to raise your awareness of: 

      • Mental health and mental ill-health
      • Behaviours and risk and resilience factors
      • The importance of early intervention
      • Ideas for school-based support/interventions
      • Access to further support 
      • Looking after yourself

For any further information please contact

This Girl Can in Your School

A considerable amount of research has shown that girls become less active than their male peers. This not only affects their physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. But why are girls less engaged in physical activities?

This awareness session will explore the current statistics around girls participation and will give you an insight of the barriers that girls face when being active. The session highlights some of the different things that school settings can be demonstrating to help break down these barriers and encourage girls to stay and/or become more active.

This awareness session is well suited for individuals who would like to raise the profile of physical activity for girls and young females.


Course dates

Sugar Smart

As part of the SUGAR SMART in School Certificate and our food and nutrition support, this awareness session has been developed to provide schools with a short guide to the sweet stuff. Lasting about 2 hours, in this session we will cover what sugar is and where it comes from, how it is used by the body, the physical, mental, and oral health implications of excess consumption, nutritional label reading, and things to do in school.

These sessions are a great opportunity to either finalise your SUGAR SMART application or kick-start your campaign in school.

Making Physical Activity a Priority

Regular physical activity has been shown to increase performance in other areas of the school day, with research finding a link between activity levels and increases in attendance rates and levels of concentration.

It is recommended that children should be active for at least 60 minutes every day and that on a school day, 30 minutes of this should be achieved in school time.

This awareness session will explore the current statistics around child physical activity levels and discuss resources and initiatives that schools can engage with on a local and national basis in order to encourage physical activity across the whole school community.

This awareness session is well suited for individuals who would like to raise the profile of physical activity in their school setting.

Course dates