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"A simple chat can make a world of difference"

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to improving health and reducing health inequalities developed by the NHS and local government. It is a way of encouraging and helping people to make healthier lifestyle choices and to achieve positive long-term behaviour change.

MECC encourages us to be client focused and to 'start where the individual is”. The key is to be simple and flexible, adding value to current good practice


MECC focuses on the lifestyle issues that, when addressed, can make the greatest improvement to an individual’s health and wellbeing:

  •          Stopping smoking
  •          Managing alcohol intake
  •          Healthy eating and Keeping to a healthy weight
  •          Being physically active
  •          Improving mental health and wellbeing

The EPIC study found an increase in life expectancy of 14 years in patients who simply made these key lifestyle choices.


MECC’s approach is to utilise the many conversations we have daily and use them, where appropriate, to encourage and support a change in behaviour.

By training staff to engage with individuals holistically, treating every conversation as an opportunity to discuss the full spectrum of health issues, people are more likely to think about their health and make positive changes.

“Effective communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal (the non-verbal is 55 percent body language and 38 percent tone of voice)”


Here at Healthy Cornwall we deliver MECC training in a number of formats to suit the needs of the individual, group, organisation or business. Please go to our training page to review these.

Training content includes the most widely used behaviour change model, healthy conversation skills, motivational interviewing techniques and brief intervention awareness. It explores alcohol limits, physical activity guidelines, healthy eating options and an understanding of individual beliefs and attitudes, for example...

Do you think everyone has the potential to change? 


All of this is explored through interactive delivery, including the opportunity to “practice” with clients in simulated scenarios.


Healthy Cornwall Training Offer:

To find out more about the Making Every Contact Count training sessions offered by Healthy Cornwall click here


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