Bespoke Training & Workshops

Whether your team, agency or organisation would benefit from a "Closed" session of one of our existing courses, or from a bespoke training course developed to meet your specific needs, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a personalised programme.

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke training requirements by emailing us at

We offer a suite of short courses, delivered directly to your organisation, group or workplace, to support better health and wellbeing within your workforce:

The trio below are recommended as a package.

Understanding Stress:

2 hrs - The first of our bite size courses, developed for inclusion within busy workplaces, exploring the concept of stress.

Developing Resilience:

2 hrs - A follow on course exploring how we can all build our personal resiliency skills. It is recommended that attendees have first attended the Stress Awareness course.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Sleep Hygiene:

2 hrs - The final bite size course in our trilogy, Together, we explore how mindfulness, meditation and good sleep hygiene can positively support our mental health and wellbeing.

Additional workshops:

Mental Health Awareness:

3 hrs - An introductory course designed to increase awareness of mental health and mental ill health.

Dementia Awareness:

3 hrs - An introductory course aimed at increasing awareness of conditions falling under the dementia umbrella.

Absenteeism, Presenteeism and Leavism:

2 hrs - An exploration of how and when they may occur and the impact on business.

Menopause Awareness:

2 hrs - An awareness course around working through the menopause.