30 ways in 30 days

Called ’30 ways in 30 days’ the plan aims to help people who haven’t exercised for some time and perhaps find the thought of doing any exercise a bit daunting.
With tasks such as going for a walk or doing chair-based exercises this plan creates simple, easy ways for people to get moving again, taking small steps towards getting that little bit healthier.

We'll be sharing some easy ideas for ways to be active each day from as little as ten minutes a day as well as some ways to keep motivated and on track. You can do the activities at home on your own, or with a friend in our buddy workout. And we've got guided videos for short routines you can do at home where all you'll need is a chair and a couple of tins of food.

You can sign up by texting “30ways” to 82228 and by doing so you will receive a text every other day for the 30 days with prompts to head back to the website and motivational tips. Everyone who completes the 30 days will receive special offers from local leisure centres.

Cornwall Council portfolio holder for children, wellbeing and public health Cllr Sally Hawken said: “For lots of people, joining a gym or going for a run is too much of an obstacle and this plan aims to break down any barriers that exist to someone starting to do exercise. The plan suggests a new activity every day, with day one simply going for a ten minute walk.

“This is ideal for someone who does little to no exercise and it encourages people to focus on the positive feelings they get from taking those little steps, instead of focusing on any feelings of guilt, specifying that if you miss a day there is no reason to give up, just get back on it the next day”.

Deputy Director of Cornwall Council public health, Steve Brown said: “A new activity will be loaded onto Healthy Cornwall’s website every day, with a video guide to talk you through that day’s session. The idea is that people can check in daily and see what it is they should try to do, without being overwhelmed by seeing the whole month in one go and perhaps thinking that it is too much for them.”

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