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Our training is FREE and available to ALL school staff in ALL schools in Cornwall!  We offer 2 types of training session, Open and Closed. An open session is held at a council location for practitioners from a variety of schools to attend. A closed session is held at an individual school, either as a twilight session or as part of an INSET day.

*Please note that some of our training sessions only run as an open session or as a closed session. This information is provided in the list below.

How to book onto an Open Training?

To book an open session please click the link below to find out more and use the booking form.

It's really important that you cancel your place on an open session if you are not able to come along. We ask, therefore, that if for any reason you are no longer able to attend, please let us know in advance of the session. If you do not attend our training and haven't advised us with 24 hours notice, your school will be sent an invoice for £25. Please phone us on 01209 615600 if you have any queries. We will send you a confirmation email upon booking including details of the venue, and a reminder 7 days before the event with full joining instructions. Please contact us if you fail to receive either of these.

How to book a Closed Training?

Please choose the training session you would like to host and contact your locality advisor.

Training on offer for 2020:

Building Confidence to Teach Relationships and Sex Education

This new 2 hour training session will help staff to build their confidence to teach Relationships and Sex Education. An interactive workshop, which will enable you to feel more confident when talking with children and young people about relationships, puberty, consent, gender and advice on how to answer tricky questions. This training is designed to deliver up to 3 sessions of your choice. The toolkit of sessions is as follows:

  • An Introduction to RE & RSE
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Puberty (Primary)
  • Gender & Transgender
  • Secondary RSE
  • Answering Tricky Questions
Growing Up in the Digital World - Online Safety Training

Following the changes to the Online Safety section of the Ofsted inspection, we are delivering a short session to help your staff and governors:

  • Think about the ways young people are using technology
  • Identify important aspects of online safety
  • Signpost reliable sources of lesson plans to use in school
  • Support and report – for a child in your care and to keep yourself safe as a professional
Resilience and Self Esteem Toolkit

This training is available as a twilight session for schools in Cornwall. There are opportunities to try some of the activities, explore the support materials and discuss ideas for whole school, class / tutor group or intervention work, either 1:1 or in groups.

Learning Objectives for training:

  • Raise awareness of Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Recognise the importance of a whole school approach to EHWB
  • Explore ideas for increasing emotional literacy
  • Consider a range of coping strategies
  • Explore ways of increasing positive self-esteem
  • Explore a range of tools and ideas to support this work
  • Signpost to additional support materials and websites
Staff Wellbeing

This is an interactive workshop, based around the Five Ways to Wellbeing – Connect, Give, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice/Be Mindful. It is designed to allow staff to think about the ways they already incorporate these activities into their everyday lives, and the ways they might be able to do more or other things. It works well as a team building exercise too. There is also an opportunity to think about ways to celebrate the workforce in school, and signposting to further support.

Sugar Smart

As part of our food and nutrition support offer, we have developed a SUGAR SMART in School awareness session. This provides a short guide to the sweet stuff and lasts about 2 hours. In this session, we cover what sugar is and where it comes from, how sugar is used by the body, the physical, mental, and oral health implications of excess sugar consumption, nutritional label reading, and things to try in school. This session can be delivered to school staff as a twilight or part of an inset day. We can also offer pupil sessions.