Dental Health

Almost 9 out of 10 child hospital tooth extractions are due to tooth decay. Childcare settings are encouraged to support families to care for their children's teeth, by encouraging parents to swap sugary foods and drinks, brushing teeth regularly and encouraging children to drink from an open cup or free flow cup. We have put together some useful resources and links to help promote good dental health within your setting.

Training and e-learning


  • National Smile Month | Oral Health Foundation: A great campaign to help promote good oral health to families.

Advice on Dummies

Dental health resources and useful websites

Smile Together

Keeping in touch with Cornish schools, nurseries and family hubs, Cornwall’s oral health programme Brighter Smiles presents the first of four virtual oral health education sessions for those children aged 4-6 years either at home or in school.

The Functions of the Teeth - Brighter Smiles Virtual Education Session 1 (for children aged 4-6yrs)
Toothbrushing - Brighter Smiles Virtual Education Session 2 (for children aged 4-6yrs)
Tooth decay - Brighter Smiles Virtual Education Session 3 (for children aged 4-6yrs)
Diet and your teeth - Brighter Smiles Virtual Education Session 4 (for children aged 4-6yrs)