Virtual Lifestyle Assessments

We now offer Virtual Lifestyle Assessments (VLA) via Microsoft Teams.

These are available to anyone aged 18 to 80 yrs. This new digital style of health assessment isn't intended to replace NHS Health Checks but to be an effective alternative Health Intervention during the recovery period of Covid-19 and thereafter.

A Virtual Lifestyle Assessment aims to give you a platform to succeed in building a new, healthier lifestyle.

A VLA comprises of:

• Support & Assessment for Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Discussing Exercise and Activity levels
• Advice on Healthy Eating and Diet
• Advice on Hydration and Alcohol
• Smoking (support to quit)
• BMI assessment (this will require the client to provide their weight and height


Additional Information...

The assessment is held with total confidentiality, and results sent to you the participant only.

Each virtual appointment will be up to 40 mins with a 15 minute follow up session after 8 weeks.

A Mental Health & Wellbeing questionnaire and client consent forms are required to be completed and returned before the VLA session; an invite will be issued upon their return.