PSHE Training

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The training modules are designed to support you with implementing the CIOS PSHE Curriculum in your school.

There are nine modules in total, some of which are in two parts. Each module is no longer than 20 minutes and the majority last 10-15mins. You are advised to watch the modules in order. You can watch them as many times as you find helpful.

The accompanying training log contains an initial reflection on how your school currently delivers PSHE, plus space for you to record key points and any actions you want to make a note of as you go through the modules.


How to access the training

To access each training module, please click the Launch module link below the description.

This will open a new window asking you to enter the password. This was sent with the education bulletin on Monday 29th June but is also in the handbook which is available on request from Healthy Schools.

The support slides on offer support the training modules and are not a replacement.  You are required to complete each module fully.

Once you have finished the modules, please complete the short evaluation questionnaire.


Module descriptions and links:

Module 1: Introduction to the Modules

An overview of the rest of the modules, along with a reflective activity to support you to take stock of where PSHE delivery is currently in your school.

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Module 2a: Overview of the Statutory Requirements

A summary of the Statutory Requirements to deliver relationships, sex and health education.

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Module 2b: Overview of the CIOS PSHE Curriculum – What to Teach When

A detailed guide to the structure and content of the CIOS PSHE Curriculum.

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Support Slides


Module 3: Ensuring PSHE is Inclusive

Two part module providing information on the needs and life experiences of children and young people, highlighting the importance of PSHE and the needs of the children and young people you teach.

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Support Slides 3a
Support Slides 3b


Module 4: Exploring Professional Values for Teaching PSHE

An outline of the professional values relevant for the teaching of PSHE and highlights some of the potential value conflicts which can arise.

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Support Slides 4


Module 5: Teaching PSHE

Two part module providing a structure and framework to implement the CIOS PSHE Curriculum in your school including adding content, assessing learning, involving children and young people, creating a safe learning environment and reflections on behaviour expectations and management.

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Support Slides 5a
Support Slides 5b


Module 6: Teaching Sensitive and Challenging Subjects

Explore why some PSHE issues can be sensitive and challenging, how they can be identified to help find ways forward and signpost to additional training on specific PSHE topics.

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Support Slides 6


Module 7: Working with Parents and Carers

A summary of the statutory requirements for working with parents and carers, including the right to withdraw and how schools can engage and build partnerships with parents in relation to PSHE.

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Support Slides 7


Module 8: SEND

A summary of law and policy in relation to SEND and practical guidance on differentiation in the delivery of PSHE to meet the needs of SEND pupils.

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Support Slides 8


Module 9: Safeguarding

A summary of safeguarding considerations when teaching PSHE.

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Support Slides 9


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