Physical Activity

Man teaching women in a workplace to do boxercise

Wellbeing and Physical Activity Offer

Healthy Workplace members have access to a range of amazing lifestyle and fitness providers who are offering corporate benefits in either; discounted or free taster sessions.

To find out more about accessing the Wellbeing and Physical Activity Offer or becoming a provider please contact the Healthy Workplace team.

The Daily Mile

What is The Daily Mile?

 In a nutshell, it's something that you, your family, friends and colleagues should be doing! 

The Daily Mile™ is simple and free. We want to get everyone in Cornwall fit for life by encouraging them to walk briskly for at least 15 minutes every day. The Daily Mile Fit For Life can take place anywhere e.g. workplaces, homes, retirement homes, doctor's surgeries, pharmacies, colleges, universities.

It can be a standalone activity or incorporated into everyday tasks such as walking the kids to school, getting off the bus a couple of stops early - the list is endless! It is a physical activity which promotes social, emotional and mental health and well being, as well as fitness.

It takes place outside in the fresh air during the day at a time that fits into the person's life. No special kit or equipment is required.

We shall be updating our website soon with a starter pack to get you going but in the meantime please download these A5 flyers for employers and employees and contact us for more information. 

For further information please visit

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How do you get yours?

Do you get yours every week? To stay healthy as adults, we each need to be active for 150 minutes a week, yet most of us aren’t managing to.
Being more active at work and using your lunch break is a quick win for getting in some of your daily active minutes. Where possible you could try holding walking meetings inside around your building or find a short outdoor route nearby. Getting moving has a great impact on your mental health too. Being active helps to reduce your stress levels by releasing endorphins.
Although there are times when we feel we just can’t take time away from our desk, being active in your lunch break will actually make you more productive in the afternoon (we promise!).  You could organise a lunchtime Daily Mile walk with colleagues, or if you fancy something to get the blood pumping a bit more you could do an outdoor circuits session, or try a physical activity session.
It’s also about more than just active minutes, if you work in a sedentary job it's important to get up and move regularly. You could try standing meetings, or if it's a long meeting mix up time seated and standing (it will help you pay more attention too). You could try getting out of your chair every hour and doing some simple stretches, which is really good for your posture and avoids problems with your back and joints.
Being active is different for everyone, it’s about finding any opportunity to be a bit more active and all you have to do is discover just how you will get yours!

If you'd like to support the campaign in your workplace you can download our posters. 

Chair Yoga

If you'd like a way to de-stress and re-balance during your lunch break, then maybe you could try chair yoga?  Yoga teacher Jo has filmed a 30 minute guided session for us, perfect to fit into your lunch break, or any other time of day!

Better Leisure Corporate Membership

Better has 13 leisure facilities throughout Cornwall - Find your nearest Better gym by clicking here.

Corporate Membership:
Better Gyms offer a corporate membership of £33.75 (usual price £37.50), this membership gives you unlimited access to the gym, swimming pools and fitness classes in all 13 leisure centres across Cornwall.
There is no joining fee, and no tie in. All that is required is that each company requires a minimum of 5 members to gain the discounted membership. An employee needs to display a payslip verifying their employment to access the membership discount offer.

10% Off Gym Memberships:
Better Gyms offer a 10% discount on Gym memberships to those workplaces who are registered and working towards the Healthy Workplace Awards.

Healthwise - Physical Activity Referral Scheme:
This Physical Activity on Referral Scheme enables an individual to access Better services for £20 per month but can only be actioned if the client has a referable health condition and the referral comes from a registered health practitioner. This can include occupational health.
Once a client is referred they will have an assessment from an exercise on referral practitioner and then if all is ok begin a 12 week programme, requiring 2 visits per week. If they complete the 12 week programme under supervision the client can then continue on a significantly reduced membership of £20pm for 12 months.

For further information on the Healthwise scheme contact or 01579 342544 ext 5796