Leaf 0-6 years

Lifestyle, Eating, Activity for Families (LEAF) for 0 - 6 years

Referral Criteria:

  • Child under the age of two with significant weight concerns.
  • Children over two years old, should be >3.33sd for BMI. (If you would like to discuss a child below this e.g. if they have a co-morbidity or underlying cause then please contact the LEAF team to discuss)
  • They ask that most children will have worked with their health visitor or school nurse for at least six months prior to being accepted into the clinic.
  • It is essential that at least one parent/guardian attend the clinic appointments with the referred child. Other adults that are involved with the child’s care e.g. grandparents, are also invited to attend.


This is run in partnership with Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust and forms a Multi Disciplinary Team Obesity Clinic that brings together the expertise of dietitians, physical activity specialists and paediatricians. The programme runs over four months. The content of this programme includes:

  • Individualised assessment with the Community Paediatrician, Children’s Dietician & Physical Activity Advisor
  • Group sessions, exploring topics to help manage children’s weight including: balanced nutrition, healthy foods, food labelling, internal and external triggers, behaviour change, routine and activity
  • Individualised follow-up assessment with the same team

Longer-term follow up is carried out by their primary health care worker e.g. health visitors or school nurses and signposted to other programmes for ongoing support.


Download the LEAF Referral Form here

For more information or to send in a completed referral form, please contact LEAF by email: rcht.leaf.programme@nhs.net