Useful Information on stopping smoking

How much could you save?

We all know smoking is an expensive habit, both costing our health and our hard-earned cash. Quitting smoking has never been a more important cost-saving activity than right now.

Use the quit calculator tool to see how much you've spent on cigarettes. Once you know the true cost of smoking within your household, you can come up with ideas on how to better spend that money and use the tools and support in this section to make sure those plans come to fruition.

Work out how much smoking is costing you with the quit calculator

Better Health quitting smoking benefits and top tips

The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you'll notice the benefits to your health, body and mind. The Better Health quit smoking pages show you the benefits you can achieve even from the first day of quitting, and how different your life could look in ten years’ time.

You’ll also find a whole variety of top tips to quitting smoking and going smokefree for good.

Find out more about the benefits of quitting and top tips to going smokefree

Healthy Cornwall YouTube playlist

You can find helpful and informative videos on a variety of topics on our Stop Smoking YouTube Playlist. There are top tips, information on the benefits to quitting and a breakdown of the important steps to take when looking to start a quit attempt.

Watch our series of Stop Smoking videos on YouTube

Stop smoking aids

When it comes to stopping smoking there are lots of support options available from shops, pharmacies and on prescription to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and help you overcome the addiction cigarettes create.

Find out about all the options for stop smoking aids

Using e-cigarettes to quit

Over the last few years e-cigarettes have become more and more popular as a stop smoking aid. These e-cigarettes/vapes have been shown to be far less harmful than cigarettes and have helped many people to quit smoking for good.

Find out more about the use of e-cigarettes to quit smoking

(please note vaping is not recommended for under-18s)