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Mental Health:

Mental health safety plans:

A Mental Health Safety Plan is a preventative tool designed to help support those who struggle with mental wellbeing. It may be difficult to think clearly when you feel really low or incredibly overwhelmed. It may be difficult to ignore these feelings. Safety plans are best created when not in crisis.

By having a safety plan, you’re making sure that there are strategies you can use to keep yourself safe. These can help you feel more in control when everything feels out of control. Think of your safety plan as your ‘mental health first-aid kit’. It includes different things that will help you through a crisis.

Find out more about safety planning and download a copy of a plan on the Cornwall Council mental health website.

Louise from Healthy Cornwall talks about Mental Health Awareness:

Coping with stress:

Louise from our Healthy Cornwall training team gives some great tips on managing and coping with stress using a stress container.


Carly talks us through an exercise which is part of our mindfulness, mediation and sleep hygiene training course.

Five ways to wellbeing (connect 5):


Happier living:


Having conversations about healthy lifestyles:

If you're interested in our MECC training, we've created 5 videos which explore ways you could use everyday situations about making positive changes for a healthy lifestyles.

Talking about mental health:

This situation shows how to and how not to talk to a friend who you notice might be feeling down, or struggling with mental health.

Talking to someone about drinking too much:

This scenario shows you a way you could talk to a friend who is drinking too much alcohol.

Talking to someone about quitting smoking:

This situation shows you how you how you could talk to a friend or colleague about quitting smoking (and you don't need to be a barber!).

Talking to someone about losing weight:

This scenario shows you a way you could talk to a friend who is upset because of their weight and how you could be supportive and

How to talk to someone about being more active:

This situation shows you a way you could talk to a colleague about being more active.