Useful Information for People Living with Type 2 Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious condition where your blood glucose level is too high. It can happen when your body doesn't produce enough insulin or the insulin it produces isn't effective. Or, when your body can't produce any insulin at all. Watch Diabetes UK’s 2-minute video to get more of an overview of what diabetes is.

Watch ‘What is Diabetes?’ video


Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK gives a wealth of information about type 2 diabetes including:


Carbs & Cals

Carbs & Cals is a unique way of counting carbs, calories and other nutrients making it easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

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British Dietetic Association

The BDA Food Fact Sheets are written by dietitians to help you learn the best ways to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy. Topics include reading food labels, sustainable healthy diets, eating well for less and much more.

Browse and read the BDA Food Fact Sheets


British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is an excellent source of information on how to keep your heart, body and mind healthy. With helpful topics discussed such as how to meal plan, healthy snack mistakes, portion sizes and lots of fabulous healthy recipe ideas.

Check out the BHF Heart Matters nutrition articles