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Alcohol Unit Guidelines

We're only meant to drink 14 units of alcohol maximum a week - check out our helpful animation so you know exactly what that means:

How does alcohol affect health?

The Drinkaware website does a great job in showcasing both the short and long-term effects of alcohol on your body, lifestyle and mental health. Armed with the facts you can make an informed choice about your drinking.

Take a look at the variety of effects alcohol has on us

Alcohol and mental health

While the effects of alcohol can sometimes have a short-term positive impact on our mood, in the long term it can cause problems for mental health. Drinking alcohol is linked to a range of mental health issues from depression and memory loss, to suicide.

Drinkaware has a whole host of information on the connection between alcohol and our mental health and wellbeing, including the effect it can have on those with anxiety or depression.

Find out more about the link between alcohol and our mental wellbeing

Self-help advice for you

The WithYou website is full of information, tips and advice to help you cut down or stop drinking. With topics such as avoiding triggers, handling cravings, how to cut down, how to set goals and much more.

Read a variety of alcohol based self-help articles from withyou

Advice for friends and family

It can be hard to know how best to support someone who you’ve been worried about due to their drinking. withyou have a variety of helpful articles on having better conversations, how to talk to someone about their drinking, how to look after yourself in this situation and much more.

Find out how you can support someone with their drinking