Help to eat a healthy diet and be more active


image of woman looking at foodAre you confused about what to eat?

image of people dancingWould you like to be fitter?             

image of healthy person We can support you to eat a healthy diet and to be more active.


Learning about healthy eating


image of person looking at food labelsJoin our healthy eating group to learn about making healthy food choices. 

image of zoom meetingThis group is on Zoom. Click here for more information                  

image of woman pointing to herselfIf you prefer individual support click here for more information


Easy read 


 image of easy read  image of healthy Leaflet about healthy eating

image of easy readimage of person sitting on toilet holding stomachLeaflet about healthy pooing 


Healthy eating videos


This video shows you how to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. 

this image shows man reading a food labelThis video shows you how to read food labels and make healthy choices. 


image of women looking at foodThis video shows you about portion sizes or the amount of food to eat.  


image of person chopping onionWe like the CookABILITY videos made by United Response. They show you step by step how to make easy recipes. Check them out here.

Be more active


woman walkingJoin us on some guided walks in Hayle and Newquay.


Find out more about the walk in Hayle


Find out more about the walk in Newquay 


Get active videos


image of boy doing exerciseThis video shows you how to do some exercise at home. 


image of dancingThis video shows you how dancing can be a fun way to be active. 


What's on LD


information signJoin What's on LD for weekly news, events and information about learning disabilities and autism. 

image of emailTo join email